The ‘Why’ Behind WeTransact

Johan Aussenac knew there had to be an easier way to publish and monetize SaaS on the Microsoft Marketplace. And that’s why WeTransact was born.

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The ‘Why’ Behind WeTransact

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace contains thousands of solutions – including consulting and professional services – for IT professionals and developers. So getting your product or service listed and making it stand out – in the right way – is no easy feat.

After helping hundreds of companies get up and running on the Azure Marketplace in the early days – before it took off, before it was a thing – Johan Aussenac knew there had to be an easier way to publish to it. And that’s why WeTransact was born.

A marketplace goes mainstream

When the Azure Marketplace first started, no one, except Microsoft insiders like Johan, knew what its true potential was for software, consultancy, and professional services. It was new, they had to make it work – and it did.

As the marketplace broke into the mainstream, it became obvious that companies needed someone to walk them through and provide support with everything from technical requirements – such as compatibility with Azure – to developing a marketing strategy around their product.

There are multiple aspects to getting started on a marketplace, from the tax implications to technical integration. Companies joining were getting a fragmented experience, so it made sense to bring it all together in one company, offering one solution.

It’s a solution that helps companies bring their products to the Azure Marketplace and start monetizing them from day one. That’s why it’s called ‘WeTransact’.

Helping companies monetize on the marketplace

In the first 6 months, WeTransact helped over 50 companies set up and start monetizing on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Clients include everyone from startups to unicorns.

There’s a two-step process.

First is the build stage, where we put a product on the marketplace. Second, is the sales stage, investing in different channels to promote the product. It takes 2 to 35 days to build, with an expected sales outcome within 3 to 4 months.

The strategy and approach taken depends a lot on the company’s maturity, and their internal capabilities – such as the size of their internal marketing and sales teams. We also take into account what companies want to invest in. In an education session, we unveil all the possibilities and help companies focus on one or two key channels.

Our vision for the long term is to become the go-to marketing tool for Azure Marketplace –  a total addressable market of over 27,000 companies. Could yours be one of them?

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