Why WeTransact? Clarity For Non-Technical Decision-Makers

In this blog post, we take one step back, giving you the bigger picture of what it actually takes to succeed on the Microsoft Marketplace.

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Two benefits of getting a product or service listed on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace are plain for all to see: greater trust and visibility amongst IT professionals. But the process of doing it right, so you can generate revenue, is something else entirely. Technical people get it. But what about the decision-makers?

Misconception is one of the biggest challenges facing SaaS providers looking to profit from the marketplace. Non-technical people often misunderstand how the B2B marketplace works, and underestimate the complexity of getting their product or service up and running.

In this blog post, we take one step back, giving you the bigger picture of what it actually takes to succeed on the Azure Marketplace.

Showing up is not enough

First, it’s good to be clear about what the marketplace actually does. Think of it as an online store for IT professionals, containing thousands of apps and services from leading tech companies. The marketplace lets IT experts explore and trial software and services to help them build their own solutions and manage cloud infrastructure.

In theory, it’s possible to access thousands of companies who will work with you to sell your solution. But being ‘on’ the marketplace isn’t enough. That’s just one aspect. You also need a well-planned go-to-market strategy to get noticed and connect with Microsoft Partners that can help drive your business in the right direction.

Being listed, which requires technical effort, doesn’t automatically get you in front of tens of thousands of interested parties. It’s not a case of hit and hope. Getting noticed takes marketing effort. It takes sales effort. Setting up a storefront is only one aspect. You also need to engage customers to convince them to step inside, and ultimately make a purchase.

Moving in to the marketplace

For companies that have passed the startup stage and have a few years’ success under their belts, the marketplace becomes an appealing opportunity to grow their business. But the complexities of moving into the marketplace, and a viable revenue stream, needs both technical and business expertise. At WeTransact we cover both.

With more than 5 years experience helping hundreds of SaaS products to get listed and generating revenue on the Azure Marketplace, WeTransact provides companies with a quicker and more effective route to market. Pricing and product positioning is much more individualized. We understand that the needs of the B2B market are more granular and cannot be standardized into a one-size-fits-all solution.

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