Maintaining Momentum On The Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Here’s how you optimize your Microsoft Marketplace listing and drive awareness in a way that builds confidence amongst Microsoft Partners and customers.

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The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is still in its infancy. Over the past few years, it’s gained increasing momentum, with over 18,000 products and services listed and generating revenue. The challenge for service providers is optimizing their listings and driving awareness in a way that continues to build confidence amongst Microsoft Partners and customers. Here are our insights into building and maintaining momentum.  

Tighter partnership with cloud providers

What’s available – and what works – to help companies keep on improving and maintaining pace with the marketplace today may not be there tomorrow. But one thing is certain. To thrive on a cloud marketplace like Azure, companies need to tighten their relationship with the cloud provider. In this case, Microsoft.

The way to maintain a strong relationship with Microsoft is by implementing cutting-edge technology and testing out new functionality. You need to be the company that brings the business case to Microsoft, positioning your company as the go-to provider. This also means getting your offer in front of customers to fulfill their business goals and ambitions.

A powerful way to push forward in this direction is through a Microsoft Multiparty Private Offer (MPO).

Microsoft Multiparty Private Offer

A Microsoft MPO is an opportunity for vendors to simplify selling through the marketplace. What that means is that a service provider can embed multiple software solutions within one platform, becoming a one-stop shop for transactions.      

By doing this, companies cooperate and create momentum by co-selling. This approach enables vendors to scale faster and build new, repeatable revenue channels. With over 40,000 Microsoft Partners looking to resell solutions, an MPO can turn those partners into your extended sales team.

To maintain momentum on the Azure marketplace, you need to become the early adopter and the innovator in the room. An MPO is a flexible way to quickly make and close deals, enabling you to create new offers and easily tailor terms and pricing to create partnerships that meet your needs.

A marketplace built around you

Once you’ve built expertise and experience in the marketplace, you’re ready to go that one step further. Co-innovation – with Microsoft and its partners – helps create a marketplace model that fits your needs. You can shape it to fit with your offer, and that way you’re always on top because you’re helping to influence the marketplace roadmap.

When it comes to building and maintaining momentum, becoming an influencer on the Azure Marketplace really is the Holy Grail. Innovating and becoming an early adopter within a space is a chance to define the future of it, and nurture partnerships that weren’t previously possible.

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