Maximize Partner-to-Partner Purchasing on Azure Marketplace

For software on the Microsoft Marketplace, Microsoft Partners can become the biggest revenue generators. Unleash the power of partner-to-partner purchasing.

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When you own a B2B software product, existing customers are a great source of revenue. But when your product – or service – is listed on the Azure Marketplace, Microsoft Partners can become an even bigger revenue generator.

With partner-to-partner purchasing, it can be tricky to get started, and even trickier to connect with suitable partners. But once you’re up and running, it’s a powerful way to grow your business.

Partner-to-partner purchasing explained

There are two sides to partner-to-partner purchasing. On one side, there’s the software company, a vendor who owns the product and associated intellectual property (IP). On the other side, there are resellers and consultants – service providers – who implement IT solutions for companies.

The idea behind partner-to-partner purchasing is simple. Service providers can differentiate and enhance their business model by introducing additional services into their offer. Within their existing Microsoft-based solution, they integrate new services that add value for customers and create new revenue streams.

In fact, the marketplace is set up to enable software companies to extend their margins via a network of cloud solution providers who are specialists in Azure. Transactions are smooth. The moment a margin is extended to a service provider, it can be integrated and invoiced to the end customer.  

Why partner inside the marketplace?

Partner-to-partner purchasing can happen outside the Azure marketplace. So why step inside? Simple. We’re talking about Microsoft here, so bringing your partnership business inside the marketplace is an obvious choice. Here’s why.

Clear business rules and transparent processes mean that accounting and finances are taken care of for you. So you can forget about unpaid invoices. On top of that, you get the security and peace of mind that comes from working with a third party like Microsoft.

The marketplace as a platform enables software companies to set up a commission model. Not only can you define how long this model lasts, it also includes legally binding mutual agreements. Best of all, once a commission model is set up, it’s simple to repeat and scale it with as many resellers as you want.

Join the WeTransact Partner network

Making the right connections is a common challenge for both software companies and service providers looking to leverage partner-to-partner purchasing. With thousands of product and service providers out there, where do you start?

Service providers and IT consultants are often interested in adding specific features and functionality to serve a particular industry, and differentiate their offer from competitors. So their search begins there. Software companies, meanwhile, are typically looking for a new and viable channel to sell their product and therefore need to identify service providers who are a good fit.

WeTransact can support this matchmaking process by delving into our extensive network of resellers – our partners – and pairing them with software companies – our clients. Through specialist tooling and education, we map the space between vendors and resellers to help both sides find the perfect match.

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