The MACC - Marketplace Bites #1

Discover how to leverage the MACC concept for success on the Microsoft Marketplace and unlock game-changing sales strategies.

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What is a MACC?

A Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) is essentially a spending commitment that a customer agrees upon with Microsoft. It is a pivotal part of the sales process, especially in the context of Microsoft's marketplace.

Customers can spend this commitment in two ways: buying Microsoft products or purchasing solutions (like yours) from the marketplace.

The Importance of MACC

  1. Expanding Sales Opportunities: The MACC concept is critical for sales as it uncovers a potentially untapped budget. This budget is often an invisible part of the customer's expenditure, not usually considered in regular sales discussions.
  2. Practical Applications: For instance, if a company like MS-DOS Donuts signs a MACC while seeking a discount for a large workload on Microsoft, they can then purchase your solution through their MACC. This not only benefits the customer by utilizing their commitment but also opens up a revenue stream for your product.
  3. Success Stories: Real-world examples illustrate how leveraging MACC can lead to significant deals. We’ve seen companies utilizing the MACC route to expedite a six-figure deal. While others expanded a POC to a multi-million sales deal by informing their customers about using their MACC.

Qualifying a MACC Opportunity

To effectively leverage a MACC in your sales strategy, you need to answer three key questions:

  1. Does your customer have a MACC?
  2. How much budget is left in that MACC?
  3. Is there an urgency to spend that MACC budget?

Challenges and Solutions

While MACC presents significant opportunities, it also comes with challenges. Not every customer or Microsoft representative may be aware of or have access to MACC spending details. It's often known only to specific departments like IT and Procurement. The sales strategy should involve educating the customer about MACC and assisting them in navigating through their internal processes to utilize this budget.

Final Thoughts

Understanding and leveraging the MACC concept can be a game-changer in the sales landscape. It opens up new avenues for revenue and partnership, making it an essential component of sales training for any company looking to thrive in the Microsoft marketplace.

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