Squadra is a managed Services Provider (MSP) specializing in taking care of the build and run of applications in Azure.


Squadra, led by Simon Berna is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) specializing in taking care of the build and run of applications in Azure.

Over the past months - WeTransact and Squadra have developed a strategic partnership making Squadra a preferred reseller of WeTransact.

''We were looking into partnering with MSPs that would co-invest into Go-To-Market efforts and bring the right sales culture. Squadra matches perfectly these pre-requisites. They developed a in-depth expertise around our target audience. As a cherry on the cake they have clearly understood how the commercial marketplace was going to be game changer. This was a no brainer for us.'' - Johan, CEO @WeTransact.

''I am delighted with this collaboration with WeTransact. This strategic alliance strengthens our position as a preferred reseller and highlights our commitment to innovation and support in the business development of our ISV clients. Our in-depth expertise in Microsoft Azure environments and our understanding of the potential of the Azure marketplace allow us to offer exceptional services, aligned with the specific needs of our clientele" - Simon, Managing Director @Squadra

Why does this work ?

It’s simple - WeTransact invest significantly to generate leads for Squadra and Squadra reciprocates by making, by design, WeTransact part of their core offering.

Today - the deals signed come in a 50/50 fashion. 50% comes from Lemlist campaigns orchestrated by WeTransact for Squadra and 50% come from Squadra directly.

There’s a good commission model so it’s explicit it’s a clear win for everyone

"I can attest to the effectiveness and simplicity of our partnership with WeTransact. This collaboration is a cornerstone of our business strategy, bringing substantial value to both parties. WeTransact's significant investment in lead generation has been instrumental for Squadra, contributing to half of our deals. This is complemented by our own direct efforts, accounting for the remaining 50% of our business engagements.''

''The synergy between Squadra's offerings and WeTransact's campaigns, especially through Lemlist, has created a dynamic and productive business environment. The commission model in place ensures clarity and fairness, fostering a win-win situation for both organizations. Our joint success is a testament to the strength of this partnership, and I am proud of what we have achieved together. This collaboration not only drives our business forward but also aligns perfectly with Squadra's commitment to delivering top-tier services to our clients" - Simon, Managing Director @Squadra

The secret partnership sauce and the future:

''Our offerings are embedded and serve Squadra vision of services. This is not an upsell opportunity but a key pillar of the overall offering. We’re currently expanding collaboration with Squadra in Spain, Italy and Portugal.'' - Johan Aussenac, CEO @WeTransact.

''I would like to emphasize the crucial importance of our partnership with WeTransact in realizing our vision of services. This partnership is not just another sales opportunity, but an essential pillar of our overall offering. We are currently working to expand our collaboration with WeTransact into Spain, Italy and Portugal. This international expansion reflects our commitment to delivering innovative, integrated solutions to our customers, leveraging WeTransact's unique capabilities. Together, we are striving to continually improve our services and respond effectively to our customers' evolving needs in the field of Microsoft Azure cloud and infrastructure management. Our collaboration with WeTransact is a perfect example of how we combine technical expertise and strategic vision to deliver exceptional value to our customers.'' - Simon, Managing Director @Squadra.