Proventeq is a global leader in content productivity services. It is a specialist provider of solutions for ECM platform modernisation, AI-powered information management, and innovative digital experiences.


How WeTransact helped Proventeq transact multiple high value transactions on the Azure Marketplace

Proventeq began life 16 years ago in the UK. Back then, the company specialized in migrating from legacy DMS/ECM systems to Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle amongst other solutions. Today, with over 30 connectors to various systems, it supports enterprises in over 25 countries with every aspect of digital transformation, from ECM modernisation to AI-powered information management and Copilot adoption. It’s also one of the few Microsoft Preferred Partners for Content AI.

Proventeq’s expansion continued with the setting up of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) operations in 2019, which has been predominantly focused on helping enterprises migrate legacy content onto the Microsoft 365 (M365) stack and maximise the ROI on their M365 investment.

To enhance service to clients, the Azure Marketplace was a logical step. However, even for Microsoft specialists, navigating the Marketplace can be a challenging task. To address this, Proventeq partnered with WeTransact. Together, in 2023, we successfully facilitated their first high-value transaction.

“It’s very difficult to navigate the process for listing and transacting on the Azure Marketplace. There are a lot of nuances!” - Ajay Chauhan, General Manager, Proventeq MEA

Not as simple as it looks

There were two key drivers behind Proventeq’s move into the Azure Marketplace. First, to access the selling opportunities brought about by IP co-sell – a mutually beneficial collaboration between Microsoft and its partners. Second, to make it possible to do business with enterprises that have a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) for purchasing Azure benefit-eligible offers. 

One of Proventeq’s customers had a MACC in place, and they were looking to consume some of that spend on the marketplace. Coming from a highly technical background, Ajay could be easily forgiven for thinking that getting listed and transacting on the Azure Marketplace would be relatively straightforward. 

It soon transpired that, even for a Microsoft specialist, that wasn’t the case. So Proventeq CTO Rakesh Chenchery reached out to Johan Aussenac, CEO and Founder of WeTransact. 

How WeTransact made it happen

“Thanks to WeTransact, the whole process has been effortless. From end to end, it’s all happened seamlessly.” - Ajay Chauhan, General Manager, Proventeq MEA

Leaning on the expertise of WeTransact, Proventeq’s marketplace listing took less than 4 weeks from start to finish. Had it not been for a few challenges with getting the offer specifics defined, Ajay is confident that the timeframe may have been even shorter. 

What truly impressed Ajay was the expertise of Johan Aussenac from WeTransact. Johan's skill set extended beyond mere technical knowledge; he adeptly anticipated and navigated potential pitfalls throughout the listing process, ensuring a smooth path for Proventeq. His approach was not just about completing tasks, but optimizing them.

What’s even more remarkable is that Proventeq’s offer is much more than your typical SaaS product, so a cookie-cutter approach to getting listed and transacting simply wouldn’t have cut it. That’s why WeTransact’s advice made all the difference. 

More than a million reasons to choose WeTransact

“WeTransact makes it really simple to publish a private offer. It provides a portal to control that. The interface and reporting system they’ve built helps us do everything” - Ajay Chauhan, General Manager, Proventeq MEA

Proventeq’s offer has a subscription model, but it’s far more complex than a typical three-tier approach to recurring revenue. Their customers typically need to migrate huge volumes of legacy data into SharePoint online, so it’s often difficult to predict the timescale. Going ‘big bang’ or taking a waterfall approach simply doesn’t work.  

Instead, Proventeq uses an innovative factory model based on the number of terabytes being moved – accounting for the cost of resources needed and arriving at a single, recurring fee. Customers decide how many terabytes they need to move, they place an order on the marketplace, and hit a button. Proventeq then makes a private offer, and it goes from there.

Now listed and transacting on the marketplace, Proventeq have regular governance sessions with WeTransact to discuss progress with clients, exploring other Microsoft incentives to maximize the benefits of the Azure Marketplace. 

The best part? Within days of getting listed, Proventeq got an offer, and they got their first high value transaction.