ChaosJockey helps ISVs and MSPs in Mid- and Northern Europe to deploy modern go-to-market tactics.


ChaosJockey is led by Mark Wiertsema. It helps ISVs and MSPs in Mid- and Northern Europe to deploy modern go-to-market tactics. The Azure Marketplace plays an important role in that approach. Over the past months, ChaosJockey and WeTransact have developed a strategic partnership , turning thousands of hours and hard-earned Marketplace experience into super effective publishing tooling and support, allowing their customers a faster adoption of the Azure Marketplace.

''Our alliance with ChaosJockey has been really important. By pooling our insights and resources, we've managed to simplify the Azure Marketplace journey for our customers, making it more accessible and less demanding for companies willing to sell and excel in this new channel.'' Juan Jose Castiblanques, CRO @WeTransact.

''We have a strong and close cooperation, that allows us to accelerate the digitization of our customers’ sales journey. The marketing efforts and investments by WeTransact allow ChaosJockey to focus on really helping with the change and adoption at the customer side." - Mark Wiertsema, Founder @ Chaosjockey

Why does this work ?

The partnership is a natural and very strong combination. Customers benefit from the standardized approach of WeTransact, and the expert tailored advise from ChaosJockey. This delivers super quick adoption and significant commercial innovation. That’s why at ChaosJockey, it is advised to customers to adopt WeTransact.

"To me, it is a no-brainer to advise customers to work with WeTransact. It saves them valuable development time and shortens the time-to-value from adopting Azure Marketplace. If I would have to charge them for the same result, the projects would cost them much more. The standardized functionality and onboarding process from WeTransact, allow me to help customers with the deeper adoption challenges, such as the Proposition development, Commercial process and Financial process.'' - Mark Wiertsema, Founder @ Chaosjockey

A ongoing partnership:

''As we look to the future, our collaboration with ChaosJockey is set to make waves in the Azure Marketplace. Mark's leadership, CEO of ChaosJockey, is helping us change things for the better, reach new customers, and listen to their needs even more closely. WeTransact is committed to making things even easier for our reseller and customer ecosystem. We want to help them grow, generate new sources of revenue and be able to share feedback and ideas to unlock innovation. By working together, we’ll grow collectively, and make the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Sales journey better and more welcoming for everyone.'' - Juan Jose Castiblanques, CRO @WeTransact.

Mark, who previously led the Western European Marketplace business for Microsoft states: “I really enjoy the cooperation with the people at WeTransact. To me they feel more like colleagues than suppliers and I’m sure we will continue to bring real value to our joined customers, as the adoption of Marketplace accelerates.''