RightCo has been a front-runner in electric mobility with its innovative OC2P platform, designed for electric vehicle charger management.


RightCo leverages Azure Marketplace to fuel product Innovation

Founded in 2017 and based in Startup Lisboa, RightCo has been a front-runner in electric mobility with its innovative OC2P platform, designed for electric vehicle charger management. The company has consistently focused on meeting the specific requirements of businesses with electric fleets, a segment that's seen substantial growth. RightCo's dedication to refining their product for the B2B market has set a high standard in the industry. Nuno Miguel, CEO of RightCo, encountered Juan, the CRO at WeTransact, who introduced him to the extensive potential of the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Seeing a chance to amplify RightCo's revenues and growth, Nuno chose to collaborate with WeTransact. Though the journey to listing was intricate and demanding, Nuno's perseverance, supported by WeTransact's guidance, not only led to a successful listing but also to a lucrative Microsoft incentive. This $20,000 boost in 2023 was a milestone for RightCo, empowering significant advancements in their financial, research, and development sectors.

''I had a lot of challenges to list on Azure Marketplace, that almost made me lose my faith in Microsoft, but I could always see the light at the end of the tunnel because of WeTransact's expert guidance. The process was so difficult that we had to prove that the company was really mine and to prove that the company was real, and that we were doing business. So, with the help of WeTransact we could provide to Microsoft all the documents that were needed.' - Nuno Miguel, CEO @RightCo.

A Promising financial Incentive of 20k

The journey to listing on Azure Marketplace was filled with intricate challenges and stringent verification processes. Despite these obstacles, the unwavering support and expert guidance from WeTransact transformed these challenges into opportunities for RightCo. The rigorous verification process not only led to a successful listing but also culminated in a substantial $20,000 incentive from Microsoft in 2023. This financial gain was a significant turning point for RightCo, enabling considerable investment in research and development, which strengthened the company's technological base and future growth prospects.

Investing the $20,000 incentive into RightCo's research and development was a strategic decision by CEO Nuno Miguel, demonstrating his commitment to continual improvement and innovation. This investment enhanced the company's product features and technological capabilities, reinforcing RightCo's competitive edge in the electric mobility sector.

Nuno's initial doubts about receiving the promised incentives were soon alleviated as the full scope of benefits from collaborating with WeTransact became evident. The comprehensive support package extended beyond financial incentives, including educational resources for RightCo's team, Azure cloud service credits, and expert consultancy for digital channel optimization. These resources were invaluable in enhancing RightCo's operational capabilities and market presence.

''At the beginning, I didn't believe I would receive the incentives and the amount of money that was promised, but I believed in the listing and learning process that was presented by WeTransact. I thought 'alright, I might not be receiving the money but I will be receiving education for my teams, get free credits for Azure cloud services, get free consultancy for my digital channels, receive free and necessary incentives, and this money will be a plus'. But, at the end, I received the incentive that was promised to be on the Azure Marketplace and that made me more confident in WeTransact.'' - Nuno Miguel, CEO @RightCo.

How WeTransact Made It Happen

The process of listing OC2P’s solution on Azure Marketplace was made notably smooth and efficient. Unlike the challenging experiences reported by others, RightCo's path was streamlined and hassle-free, supported by WeTransact. This smooth integration into the Azure ecosystem highlighted WeTransact's skill in overcoming the complexities of marketplace listings, proving them to be an invaluable partner for companies aiming to expand their digital reach.

''The feature that I liked the most was the process to get my product on Azure Marketplace because I read and saw some videos of people saying that it was very difficult to list and had a lot of technical issues. With WeTransact, it was all very smooth. This thing, that WeTransact can be very fluid to put solutions on the Azure Marketplace, this is the key future because, for entities that want to sell, want to grow their business and don't have barriers to do that... that is the most wanted feature - and WeTransact has it. They can solve all the barriers to companies listing on the marketplace.'' - Nuno Miguel, CEO @RightCo.

A path towards growth 

Since its listing in September, RightCo has been on an upward trajectory, focusing on expanding its sales and operations into 2024. The company is currently experiencing a projected 20% revenue growth in 2024 on Azure Marketplace.. Nuno Miguel’s desire to continue this collaboration is driven by his recognition of WeTransact's deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem and the capability to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

In conclusion, Nuno Miguel's endorsement of WeTransact's expertise emphasizes the transformative impact of their partnership. His recommendation of is based on the profound expertise, determination, and visionary approach, establishing them as a crucial ally for businesses aiming to succeed in the Microsoft universe.

''I recommend WeTransact. If you want to be in the Microsoft universe you must work with WeTransact because they have the expertise, the tenacity to go for it and they have the will to help their partners and clients. They have the vision to understand other businesses' needs and leverage how they could fit into the Microsoft universe. - Nuno Miguel, CEO @RightCo.