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Frequently Asked Questions

My solution requires manual provisioning.
Is it compatible?

It is 100% compatible. When a customer purchase your solution through the Marketplace, it will remain in “Pending” until you provision the solution and then come back to your WeTransact cockpit and accept the order. This helps you to contact the customer and do your onboarding or even explain to the customer if they need to buy another services or pay for a consulting fee associated.

My solution has a consumption-based pricing. Is it compatible?

Yes, it is. Microsoft Marketplace allows you to define dimensions, terminology, units and count to translate any type of consumption-based software subscription/invoicing. WeTransact SaaS is adapted for this, either you decide to report manually, or you want to send an automated consumption reporting of you customer software usage.

I’m old-school. I sell software per contract and individual negotiation. Is it compatible?

Yes, 100%. Microsoft Marketplace is compatible with Private Offers where you can add your own Term and Conditions and keep them invisible to other customers. WeTransact allows you to create private plans or private offers as easy 1-2-3.

Where does WeTransact expertise comes from ?

Prior to funding WeTransact, its founder spent +5 years at Microsoft helping +200 software companies becoming transactable in 25 countries.

How fast can I expect to be live using WeTransact solution ?

From 0 to live on the Marketplace count 5 business days with WeTransact.

What if I choose not to renew my contract with WeTransact? Will my listing on Microsoft Marketplace be removed?

Our priority is your success, and if you don’t achieve a good return on investment on the Microsoft Marketplace, we understand that you may want to move away from WeTransact. However, we are confident that this scenario is unlikely to occur.In the event that you choose not to renew, we will offer to transfer the integration we have made to your Azure subscription. This means that you will not be delisted, but you will lose access to our user interface. Therefore, managing financials, orders, metering, and go-to-market strategies will become your responsibility.